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Crafted for your lifestyle.

Made with pure, California rice.

We believe in the importance of healthy living.

And we are committed to proving that snacking can fit perfectly into that lifestyle. To craft Crunchmaster snacks, we use inspiration from the traditional Japanese rice culinary style called “Usuyaki.”

We start with pure, California rice, add seeds and other better-for-you ingredients that fit perfectly into your lifestyle, dry them to a precise moisture and bake in the goodness.

By fusing healthy traditions of the East with savory flavors of the West, we can offer you wholesome snacks that curb your cravings and fit perfectly with all your plans.

What is in a Crunchmaster snack?

  • Rice


    We use only pure, non-GMO, California grown rice.

  • Sesame


    We use a special variety of sesame seeds grown in the U.S. and specially suited to the climate in Texas and Oklahoma.

  • Quinoa


    Quinoa is sometimes called the “mother of all grains.” It contains a balanced set of essential amino acids for humans, making it a uniquely complete food. We carefully source our quinoa seeds from the Andean region in South America.

  • Flax


    Our flax seeds are grown in the plains of Canada.

Goodbye, gluten. Our products are certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization and made on dedicated, certified gluten-free production lines.


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