Aperitivo Charcuterie Board

Aperitivo Charcuterie Board Recipe

Time for happy hour! This loaded board is best enjoyed with chilled drinks and good company.

Roasted Apple and Ricotta Bites

Roasted Apple and Ricotta Bites Recipe

Apple and cheddar make a perfect pairing for this easy vegetarian appetizer or snack. These bites are bright, balanced and sure to be hit for any occasion!

Guacamole Shrimp Bites

Guacamole Shrimp Bites Recipe

Packed with tropical flavors, these guacamole shrimp bites taste like vacation and are the perfect snack or entertaining appetizer!

Spanish Charcuterie Board

Spanish Charcuterie Board

Add a bit of Mediterranean flair to your next gathering with this healthy, scrumptious appetizer.

Spring Veggies and Dip Snack Board

Spring Veggies and Dip Snack Board

As colorful as it is flavorful, this scrumptious board is the perfect way to get the kids (and adults) to eat their veggies!

Fruit-cuterie Board

Fruit-cuterie Board Recipe

You think fruit is tasty without white chocolate cheesecake dip? Wait until you try it with!

Rosemary Lentil Salad Bites

Rosemary Lentil Salad Bites Recipe

Who doesn’t like a quick, easy snack idea that’s perfect for a dinner party or laying low at home!

Japanese Eggplant Dip

Japanese Eggplant Dip Recipe

This delicious savory dip will have your family or guests saying “doumo arigatou!”